Tuesday, April 3

Pressing in to a new beginning.

It's time to stop dwelling on our past and just enjoy the new beginning God has prepare for us. Jesus didn't died for us so we could be halfway between two places, he didn't died for us so we could not exactly be a total mess or a failure anymore, he didn't die for us so we could be just a second best, and yet never be victorious either. And the sad thing is, a lot of people were stuck somewhere in the middle. They got too much of God to go back, but not enough of God to go on. And I admit, I'm one of those people. When I accepted God as my Savior and started my walk with him, what I have in mind was to do what he wanted me to do, to be what he wanted me to be, and to have what God wanted me to have. But many times, I struggle, I find myself quitting somewhere in the middle. See? I never really got through the end. That is where conflict begins. Walking with God and having a relationship with Him is not easy, it takes pressing on. Pressing through things. Pressing beyond things. Pressing. We need to keep pressing on. And pressing on is not something that anybody can do for you it's something that you must do by yourself. No one can press through for us. No one. Not even your mom, your friends, or whosoever in the world. I have heard a lot of testimonies on how they press through and hold on to God, and it encourages me to press on a little more. But every people has to dig down deep with their own strength and spirit, take hold to the hand of God and say "I will not quit. I will not give up. I will be what you wanted me to be. Do all what you wanted me to do.".

We are so to speak walking billboards for Christ. When people see a lives that's been transformed, it has to speak with people. My life back then was a total mess, people knew how I lived before, how I was before and what life I had before. But when people started to see that radical transformation that I've had, it's something that speaks to them. I'm not saying I am living a perfect life right now, and that people should look up to me or what. My point is, when you really changed for the good, and people notice it, it does not bring the credit to you but to God. We don't just received God, and begin to go to church, and do a few religious things, but really didn't change. Salvation is the most important thing  but maturity, growing up with God is also extremely important. When we're saved, God puts a smile on our face, when we grow up we put a smile on God's face. To press, means to go against our pressure. To go against what life throws at us. To go against temptation. To go against whatever we are going through. Because the fact is we are all going through something. Wishing doesn't do good for us. We don't need wish bones, we need back bones. We need to stand up and do our part. We just need to be a lot more determined.

I still have a lot to learn. About my God, about this whole "Christian" thing. And pressing on builds a spiritual muscle. When we have to use our faith, our faith becomes greater. When we need a miracle, and we don't give up we begin to see the faithfulness of God and the next time we need one it doesn't require much pressing for us to believe as it did the last time. Pressing doesn't mean to press physically but to press spiritually, and made up our mind to hold on and go all the way through with God. Not a little of it, or a part of it, but everything God wanted me to do, to be and to have. Well, the past is kinda like a magnet. It keeps trying to draw us back but Jesus is always trying to draw us forward.

We are not made for the easy things. We are made and anointed by God to get through the tough times. Let us all be willing to press through no matter what it takes. No pressures. No worries. Just God who is able. I just have to pour out all my thoughts, as I have been going through tough times, but I know I just had to depend on God, and let Him do his part. In his time, not on my time.

Have a great day people.

Love, Angel