Tuesday, March 29

Tuesdays are for losers like me.

My goodness. I never thought Tuesday could be boring as this. I mean hello, it's summer it must be fun. But I guess I have to deal with this right now. So I woke up around 9am because of the irritating sounds coming from the TV and then realizing I was in a couch, so then I headed to my room to get my laptop. See, this is kinda gonna be my routine this summer. Wake up-laptop-eat-sleep. Productive? Uh-huh.

I guess it would be great if I'll be able to do more stuffs. Well, seriously I am not happy about Mom leaving me here alone at home. Well, I guess it's part of her revenge since we had a fight last night. And we're not still okay. We don't pretty much talk this morning. I just feel awkward and ashamed of my actions last night. I messed up, and I know that. That's why I am taking responsibility for that. Summing up, I learned pretty good lessons:

1. I should never leave without Mom's permission;
2. Always answer Mom's call;
3. Don't argue with Mom (there's no way in winning);
4. Just shut up. Keep your ears closed. HAHA.;
5. Just stay at home. (Best way to avoid a fight with Mom)

This made my Tuesday. I hope tomorrow I will be able to do more stuffs like going outside with my friends, take a walk around the neighborhood, just chill outside, you know hanging out with my old friends. Just the old school I guess. So right now, I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

Love, Angel


  • I woke up around 6am, and realized I have 16 unread messages, 3 misscalls
  • Read messages from Justine
  • took a bath, got dressed
  • traveled from home to Alabang
  • Met Deceree and Justine 
  • Make kwento and the likes
  • Ate Wellai arrived
  • Headed to Imus, Cavite from Alabang 
  • Super fun kwento and bonding the whole trip 
  • We arrived at Ate Cheng's place
  • Had Nutella+ Iced Tea + Skyfalkes + Chips for snacks = Damn Full
  • Kulitan while waiting for Kuya Julius
  • Had Lunch
  • Kuya Julius arrived
  • Everyone was in silence(LOL)
  • Team Building started. 
  • Had gamesss! (Justine and I were LOSERS)
  • Took a rest!
  • Had an evaluation talk about the whole activity
  • Team Building was over
  • We ate dinner
  • Finally went home
  • Had a fight with Mom and Dad
  • I was like "Okay, fine I'm sorry".
  • I slept
My first day of Summer was great though I had a little fight with dad for not going home early. And I was like grounded. So I guess, I'll be staying at home the whole day. And it sucks. My goodness, I need a rewind button. :)


After weeks of sleepless nights and stressful exams I am proud and happy to say that finally, school was over. It's done. No more shits and school stuffs. And I thanked God I survived, I mean WE survived. I guess it's been too tough for me to handle school stuffs lately. I felt like I was in a box. It's suffocating. You know, same shits, different day. It happens every now and then. Well, I guess its part of being a student. With all that, I just pray and hope that all my efforts would be appreciated and my grades would be okay. I seriously don't want to see 5's on my report card, cause' if that happens I guess it would be a chaos. Mom and Dad would be really disappointed with me, and for sure I'll be grounded or whatever. And I really don't want that to happen. *Cross fingers*

So its officially SUMMER. :)


Love, Angel

Sunday, March 20

What's your TURNING POINT?

 My family never fail to go to Church on Sundays. It became our routine that during Sundays we must go to Church as a family. No excuses. No exemptions. And I guess, thats a pretty good thing. I mean, I just love that. It makes our family more closer with one another.

So today, I woke up early. Studied my Organic Chemistry notes for a bit and started working on my Physics project that is due tomorrow. Well, I know I'm good at cramming. And then we ate lunch then went to church.
Victory Alabang have a new series entitled "TURNING POINT", and I guess it's really something amazing. I don't know, I feel so happy and excited as the series began today. I just loved how Pastor Sonny(our local pastor) preached. He's really a good preacher, and a good joker I guess. And I kinda felt like sharing what I have learned today because I know it's worth sharing.

Todays series was about a story of a man in the book of Mark who was possessed by demons. Actually, thousands of demons are in his body. He isolated himself, stayed away from his family and lived by himself. The man became so powerful that people cannot tame him at all. Just imagine how demonic he was. And so to make the story short, God made a miracle in his life and casted away those demons in his body.

So, maybe right now you are thinking or maybe asking yourself so whats the big deal with that? What's something amazing in this? Well, let me share you this;

             Yes, it does. Sin affects our relationship to God and even with the people around us. And I'm not wondering why there are so many broken families, broken friendship, and broken trust. It's because we have sinned. We have sinned and that causes relationships to suffer.

             I guess its more like of a CAUSE and EFFECT situation. When we do sin, people around us will be hurt. For instance, lying to our parents, causes them pain. Why? Because we lied, and we're not supposed to make fools of our own parents. We are supposed to obey them and respect them. And for instance, a friend of yours lied to you or something, you'll definitely feel betrayed, right?

What I wanted to point out is that SIN keeps us away from JESUS and from the people we love. But God will  never let that happen. Our God is the LORD OVER NATURE. The LORD OVER DEMONS. And the LORD OVER DEATH. Everything is possible with him. God says, "DO NOT FEAR, ONLY BELIEVE." Because this man, is the GREAT I AM. This is the Jesus that we serve. This is the Jesus that we worshiped. And always remember that we SERVE A GOD, that is in the business of CHANGING LIVES. And all we need is a turning point in our own lives. It is the WORD of GOD that will set us free. No one can tag a price on us, each and everyone of us are uniquely and equally important to Him. We are all precious in his eyes.

It's not that you know Jesus, many people knew him. Its not about that you believe in Jesus, even demons believe in him. But if you really want a MIRACLE in your life, it is in how you RESPONSE to him that will determine your freedom in life. It is so evident that God do something in our lives. Remember, God died on the CROSS for our sins.

I hope you guys learned something. Let's share the word of God. Because if you care, you would.

Love, Angel.

Saturday, March 19

Why so slow?

My laptop has been running slow, I mean verrry sloow! I don't know if it's because I have too many programs installed or it's just in my connection. I'm trying this new CCleaner for PC and I don't know if it will work. But let's see.
CCleaner in action. :)
I hope it would work.
Anyway, does anyone here can suggest any software i can use?

Love, Angel


            Saturday. I have to wake up early because dad will be leaving for Taiwan to visit some supplier for his work. So I have to say goodbye, and of course give him a BIG HUG. So I did. I'm not sleepy anymore so I went straight to my room and opened my laptop.

           I woke up feeling strange. I don't know. It feels different. As I watched the KKB 2010 Youth Summit this morning via TV something really hit me within. I have come to a point of realizations. I grew up being a church kid. I mean, mom and dad would always bring us to church. I have always attended Sunday schools and bible studies, and etc. I grew up knowing God and built a mutual relationship with him. But on my teenager years, my faith was tested. 

               Yes, it was really hard. And I failed. I lost my faith and have begun to be self-centered. It became all about me. I was blinded by the world temptations.I became worldly. I started to smoke, drink and lie to my parents. It was my greatest escape.  And at that time, all I thought was I was cool, I was in, and it really felt good. It feels like you're in the top of the world. I party every night until morning then I have to wake up for school feeling groggy and dizzy. I spent thousands in a week. And what's worse is I neglected my studies. I began to miss out classes. And I don't even go to school at all. All this time I feel good, I thought that life could be this great and I wished that I could live like that forever. But being like this, there's still a good side of me. And I feel guilty with everything that I am doing. My parents have been good to me, they provide all my needs and took care of me but still this is what I'm doing. They don't deserve this, I said to myself. 

             Tears run down, and I cried. I cried because I feel sorry. I feel guilty. I feel lonely. I feel hopeless. And I asked God for help. I asked Him for guidance. I realized that no matter how bad we are, no matter how many times we rejected Him, he will never leave us. I know I am not the only one having this situation, there are many youths out there, that has been in the wrong path or that is still in the wrong path. But let me say this, God will run after you. He will help you and fill your hearts with Joy, Hope and Happiness if you could just give yourself to Him wholeheartedly. If we have God, we have all we need. I really wanted a change. And I need to work on it. I need to be more-about-Him rather that more-about-me. I need to keep my faith strong and trust on Him. I need to divert my attention in the good side of the world. I need to be who I am, without minding what would the world says. ITS ALL ABOUT HIM, AND LESS ABOUT ME. I know its not enough, but accepting my wrongs is enough to be FORGIVEN. And being forgiven is enough for me to start all over again. 

Love, Angel.

Friday, March 11

Hello Blogger. :))

Dear whatever it may, 

           I was in the middle of facebook-ing when I saw one of my followers in tumblr promoting her blog here in Blogger. I got curious and followed her link, and to my surprise it was beautiful. A really good place to store your thoughts, feelings or whatever you may call it. 

           I am once an active tumblr-ista. I tumblr about things which inspire me, things that I like and things I hate. I tumblr about random things, stuffs and all but I stopped. I don't know. My life has been a little messy this past months. I got busy with so many things that I even forgotten to pray after I woke up in the morning and before closing my eyes in the night. My life has been in a quick phase. I do the same routine everyday, and yet find myself empty. I've been like that for a couple of months and good thing is I came to a point of realization. And now, my old self is back! 
           And as I start again, I need a place where my thoughts will be held,where in  my emotions will not be judged by others and a place where I can speak up, and share my fucking opinions without minding what others would say. And finally, I welcome myself here in B L O G G E R. 

Love, Angel