Sunday, March 20

What's your TURNING POINT?

 My family never fail to go to Church on Sundays. It became our routine that during Sundays we must go to Church as a family. No excuses. No exemptions. And I guess, thats a pretty good thing. I mean, I just love that. It makes our family more closer with one another.

So today, I woke up early. Studied my Organic Chemistry notes for a bit and started working on my Physics project that is due tomorrow. Well, I know I'm good at cramming. And then we ate lunch then went to church.
Victory Alabang have a new series entitled "TURNING POINT", and I guess it's really something amazing. I don't know, I feel so happy and excited as the series began today. I just loved how Pastor Sonny(our local pastor) preached. He's really a good preacher, and a good joker I guess. And I kinda felt like sharing what I have learned today because I know it's worth sharing.

Todays series was about a story of a man in the book of Mark who was possessed by demons. Actually, thousands of demons are in his body. He isolated himself, stayed away from his family and lived by himself. The man became so powerful that people cannot tame him at all. Just imagine how demonic he was. And so to make the story short, God made a miracle in his life and casted away those demons in his body.

So, maybe right now you are thinking or maybe asking yourself so whats the big deal with that? What's something amazing in this? Well, let me share you this;

             Yes, it does. Sin affects our relationship to God and even with the people around us. And I'm not wondering why there are so many broken families, broken friendship, and broken trust. It's because we have sinned. We have sinned and that causes relationships to suffer.

             I guess its more like of a CAUSE and EFFECT situation. When we do sin, people around us will be hurt. For instance, lying to our parents, causes them pain. Why? Because we lied, and we're not supposed to make fools of our own parents. We are supposed to obey them and respect them. And for instance, a friend of yours lied to you or something, you'll definitely feel betrayed, right?

What I wanted to point out is that SIN keeps us away from JESUS and from the people we love. But God will  never let that happen. Our God is the LORD OVER NATURE. The LORD OVER DEMONS. And the LORD OVER DEATH. Everything is possible with him. God says, "DO NOT FEAR, ONLY BELIEVE." Because this man, is the GREAT I AM. This is the Jesus that we serve. This is the Jesus that we worshiped. And always remember that we SERVE A GOD, that is in the business of CHANGING LIVES. And all we need is a turning point in our own lives. It is the WORD of GOD that will set us free. No one can tag a price on us, each and everyone of us are uniquely and equally important to Him. We are all precious in his eyes.

It's not that you know Jesus, many people knew him. Its not about that you believe in Jesus, even demons believe in him. But if you really want a MIRACLE in your life, it is in how you RESPONSE to him that will determine your freedom in life. It is so evident that God do something in our lives. Remember, God died on the CROSS for our sins.

I hope you guys learned something. Let's share the word of God. Because if you care, you would.

Love, Angel.

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