Tuesday, March 29

Tuesdays are for losers like me.

My goodness. I never thought Tuesday could be boring as this. I mean hello, it's summer it must be fun. But I guess I have to deal with this right now. So I woke up around 9am because of the irritating sounds coming from the TV and then realizing I was in a couch, so then I headed to my room to get my laptop. See, this is kinda gonna be my routine this summer. Wake up-laptop-eat-sleep. Productive? Uh-huh.

I guess it would be great if I'll be able to do more stuffs. Well, seriously I am not happy about Mom leaving me here alone at home. Well, I guess it's part of her revenge since we had a fight last night. And we're not still okay. We don't pretty much talk this morning. I just feel awkward and ashamed of my actions last night. I messed up, and I know that. That's why I am taking responsibility for that. Summing up, I learned pretty good lessons:

1. I should never leave without Mom's permission;
2. Always answer Mom's call;
3. Don't argue with Mom (there's no way in winning);
4. Just shut up. Keep your ears closed. HAHA.;
5. Just stay at home. (Best way to avoid a fight with Mom)

This made my Tuesday. I hope tomorrow I will be able to do more stuffs like going outside with my friends, take a walk around the neighborhood, just chill outside, you know hanging out with my old friends. Just the old school I guess. So right now, I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

Love, Angel

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