Tuesday, March 29


  • I woke up around 6am, and realized I have 16 unread messages, 3 misscalls
  • Read messages from Justine
  • took a bath, got dressed
  • traveled from home to Alabang
  • Met Deceree and Justine 
  • Make kwento and the likes
  • Ate Wellai arrived
  • Headed to Imus, Cavite from Alabang 
  • Super fun kwento and bonding the whole trip 
  • We arrived at Ate Cheng's place
  • Had Nutella+ Iced Tea + Skyfalkes + Chips for snacks = Damn Full
  • Kulitan while waiting for Kuya Julius
  • Had Lunch
  • Kuya Julius arrived
  • Everyone was in silence(LOL)
  • Team Building started. 
  • Had gamesss! (Justine and I were LOSERS)
  • Took a rest!
  • Had an evaluation talk about the whole activity
  • Team Building was over
  • We ate dinner
  • Finally went home
  • Had a fight with Mom and Dad
  • I was like "Okay, fine I'm sorry".
  • I slept
My first day of Summer was great though I had a little fight with dad for not going home early. And I was like grounded. So I guess, I'll be staying at home the whole day. And it sucks. My goodness, I need a rewind button. :)

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