Friday, March 11

Hello Blogger. :))

Dear whatever it may, 

           I was in the middle of facebook-ing when I saw one of my followers in tumblr promoting her blog here in Blogger. I got curious and followed her link, and to my surprise it was beautiful. A really good place to store your thoughts, feelings or whatever you may call it. 

           I am once an active tumblr-ista. I tumblr about things which inspire me, things that I like and things I hate. I tumblr about random things, stuffs and all but I stopped. I don't know. My life has been a little messy this past months. I got busy with so many things that I even forgotten to pray after I woke up in the morning and before closing my eyes in the night. My life has been in a quick phase. I do the same routine everyday, and yet find myself empty. I've been like that for a couple of months and good thing is I came to a point of realization. And now, my old self is back! 
           And as I start again, I need a place where my thoughts will be held,where in  my emotions will not be judged by others and a place where I can speak up, and share my fucking opinions without minding what others would say. And finally, I welcome myself here in B L O G G E R. 

Love, Angel

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