Tuesday, March 29


After weeks of sleepless nights and stressful exams I am proud and happy to say that finally, school was over. It's done. No more shits and school stuffs. And I thanked God I survived, I mean WE survived. I guess it's been too tough for me to handle school stuffs lately. I felt like I was in a box. It's suffocating. You know, same shits, different day. It happens every now and then. Well, I guess its part of being a student. With all that, I just pray and hope that all my efforts would be appreciated and my grades would be okay. I seriously don't want to see 5's on my report card, cause' if that happens I guess it would be a chaos. Mom and Dad would be really disappointed with me, and for sure I'll be grounded or whatever. And I really don't want that to happen. *Cross fingers*

So its officially SUMMER. :)


Love, Angel

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