Friday, November 4

Good old times

Yesterday, Dad already found out about how my grades went right before I was about to leave. Well, of course he over reacted again but I know it's my fault. So I told him how upset I was and how sorry I am. He kept on telling me that he cannot accept the fact that I failed. Of course I knew this was gonna happen. He also told me now that I have failed, I am just a complete trash. Someone worthless. It hurts. I wanted to cry, but I don't want him to see me cry. I look back and evaluated myself. In my mind and in my heart I knew I did everything I could. I remember those sleepless nights which obviously didn't paid off. But these made me realize there's something missing. After all, everything wasn't good enough. So now, what I need to do is to change my study habits. If I need to give more time to my academic life and less time to my other activities I would. I just needed to get myself back where I am. I want progress.

Then dad and I separated our ways. I took the bus bound to manila. I went to school to fixed my schedule but unfortunately petitions subjects are still to be approved. So I decided to go home right away. My friend Jinny(one of my best friends) text-ed me and asked me if we could hang out for awhile and I said yes. I text-ed my mom, and I told her that I would be home a bit late. Jinny and I played billiards and Jinny won twice! I won only once. Hahaha! But that's okay for a beginner like me! We shared stories like the old times.

Ahhh. I realized that I just missed her a lot! We've been into fight which took for about a year! Well, that's too long (I know)!  I'm gad we're okay now!

Then we went homeee.

Love, A

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