Sunday, December 18

How we spent our last few days together.

I'm so grateful for having new people in my life. New friends and new company (not that I left my old friends behind). Last semester was a total blast. It was hard for me and for my classmates as well. It was hard dealing with failure and acceptance. But having people who would lift you up and encourage you to stand up again is something priceless. 

It started almost a month ago, after long hours of walking and dorm searching along the streets of Legarda and Sampaloc, Manila we managed to find a new place to live in. My classmates and I decided to live in a same area, Aouie was my new room mate while Lester and Emman live together few walks from our place. They were like a family to me, we see each other everyday, eat together, study together and do everything almost together. There were also times when we just can't understand one another. But among every reason to hate one another over power the reason to love one another. I'm just so grateful to God for having such good people in my life. I'm not saying we're perfect but through our differences we manage to build intimate friendships. 

Christmas is coming and so we had the privilege to enjoy our Christmas break! Hooray! Last Friday, after our last exam we accompanied my friend Lester, as he planned to be a blessing to someone in a very simple way. He bought a food and we went to Luneta, he then gave it to an old woman sitting under the sun's heat! It feels good when you know you just made someone happy even in a little way. Even by means of giving them something to eat. It just brought me into tears. Really. Then we went home. 

Over dinner without any plans at all, we decided to go to Greenhills to watch the yearly C.O.D Christmas play. It's about  9pm when we left. It took us almost 20 mins to arrived there. 
Yours truly. Lol!!?? 

Lester's cute signature smile! 

Emman's forever cute baby face. Hahaha!

Pictures taken right in front of the C.O.D Christmas play. Tons of people are watching! Great play. And  Bazaaaaaaaar!

Trying to make a good pose. Naah
Meet NOIE like Snowy Hahaha

Bentong's look a like.
It was really a great night. The rest was history. But one thing happened that was so unforgettable. Neither one of us know how to went back home. Since buses were only available until 10:00 pm! It was about past 1:00 in the morning and we were all tired and exhausted. We decided to walk from Greenhills to Gilmore LRT station! It was so tiring, I thought I would have murdered my feet right there. But we made it, we were walking on the streets not minding how long it would take. We just enjoy walking, talking randomly, appreciating the warm breeze of the air, enjoying the street lights and the moment itself.  It just made me realize that there are more on this world to be thankful about! Its not about money, fame, and pleasure. It's all about down to nothing but you don't mind it because you have people walking with you!

This was the story I would never forget about this year. 2011 is about to end, but there are more new beginnings that are waiting to unfold. We just have to learn to appreciate simple things in life. And learn to value FRIENDSHIP. 

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