Monday, April 4

There are things that you really have to be thankful about.

I see good vibes here. So today, I went to school to get my grades and supposedly to enroll for summer class. I got pretty good grades, almost 1's and I got a pretty high GWA (general weighted average) and by that, I mean no failing grades. And that's something to be thankful about. I don't know how to say what I am feeling right now but I am overjoyed, I am overflowing with grace, with smiles and all. I am happy. I cannot doubt it. I just feel so blessed that God really helped me to passed all my subjects. I cannot imagined how my grades would be without God's help. And I can say that it's not me who did it. It's God. I kew it, it's Him that gave me wisdom, knowledge and guidance through out the whole semester. 

And as I went home, I texted mom about how my grades went. But I made a prank joke about it, I told her that I failed on my two subjects- Integral Calculus & Physics. And she was like, "What!?? Why? Are you kidding me, I thought you we're doing good on it?". So when I arrived home, Mom was in the kitchen and she called me. I went there, and boom! Sinesermonan na ako. She really believed it, and I can see in her eyes that she was really disappointed with me. So to stop the "SERMON", I laughed and told her the truth. And ayun, natawa lang siya. She even called me "Bruha". And Mom says, it's not a good joke. So I said, sorry. Then we ate lunch. Then we slept. And zzzZzZzZ!!! 

The lesson I learned today is that, there is nothing impossible with God. 

Love, Angel

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