Thursday, June 9

How we spent the rainy day: Wednesday

I received a tweet from my friend Hayron the night before Wednesday. She asked me if she could come over at my house to watch the NBA finals, Dallas VS Miami and I said yes. I woke up yesterday around 8am and what I first did was open the TV, and checked what's happening about the game. Hayron texted me around 9am that she won't be able to come early. And then I watched the game, Dallas won, and I took a bath. We already have previous plan on how we'll spend the day, but unfortunately the weather was a bit crappy, but it didn't really stopped us. Hayron drove her sister and her friends to Nuvali, and then picked me up around 11am. We went straight to Ethel's house. She's also my friend, one of the most closest to me. We're roomies and I love her. Since the rain was really pouring that time, we decided to stayed there for the mean time while waiting for Lea-my other friend. We watched Showtime, and then decided to watch a movie.

We watched "The Rite", we thought it was creepy and all, but it was boring. So we decided to pick another one, and then we watched "The Fourth Kind" and this time it was really creepy. Unfortunately, Hayron's sister texted her to pick them up at Nuvali, so we didn't able to finish the movie. We can't even finish a single a movie. That's funny.
Hayron driving to Nuvali
Lea in the font sit.
Ethel sits beside me.

After picking Hayron's sister we went straight to LaSalle Zobel and dropped them there. Then we ate at SEX-Sinangag Express. Then we went straight to Town Center. We did a lot of walking. After buying school stuffs we went to Starbucks to have some coffee and took some rest. We were all tired, and it was already past 8pm. Gahh! Then we went home. 

Roadtrip + good friend + rain = Fun.
We know were crazy, but what fun would we be if we were NORMAL :)

Love, angel

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