Tuesday, May 31

Only boring people are bored.

My day on a roll:

  • Woke up around 9am
  • Log on to facebook
  • Check notifications
  • Poke everyone back
  • Change from "Top News" to "Most Recent"
  • Have a little scroll down
  • Do the "Happy Birthday" ritual
  • Dad went online
  • Had a long chat with mom and dad
  • Go back to home page
  • I got bored
  • Log out on facebook
  • Ate lunch
  • Do the chit-chat ritual
  • Watched TV
  • Checked my blog
  • Checked my phone for messages
  • I got bored again
  • I feel sleepy
  • Played on my iPod
  • Got a call from my cousin
  • It was dinner already
  • I don't feel hungry
  • I skip dinner
  • Blogging about my day in a bullet form
  • Now I'm done
  • Will post it in a minute
  • Head back to my room
  • Gonna watch a movie
  • zZzzZzzzZzZZ
I'm still wearing my PJ's last night.
Which means, I didn't shower today. 
But, I don't smell awful.
I swear. 
Oh Noooo. Its true. 
Good bye! 

Love, Angel

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