Monday, May 30

My future plan.

Mmmm. I haven't really thought about it for a long time. I don't know, maybe I just get preoccupied by so many things. But lately, I felt the need to write my thoughts about it. You know, just for the sake of reminding myself.

Time is really in a quick phase. I remember getting into college and thought of it like a dream come true. I can now do what I want, meet new people, go to different places, and just have fun. And yes, I got it right. I really had fun doing the things I want. But I realized that college is not all about that stuffs, not about just meeting new people and having fun. It's really about something more important, my future. I may sound like a 40 year old adult or a counselor or whatever, but that is true. I mean, everything about college will determine what future I am going to have. So then, I started to realized that I am very much blessed that I have a parents that really supported me all the way. My dad is really strict, He always have plans, and you have to follow it, whether you like it or not. When he say something, you shouldn't question it. You just have to say yes in everything. And way back to the time that I don't understand things, all I did was to curse him inside my mind, say bad things to him and disobeyed him. But now, I can say I am a total jerk.

Phew! Thank God, I was able to see things in a bigger picture. I realized what I really want. And that is to have a better future and be the best in my chosen career. Few weeks from now, classes will resume again. And I'm already an incoming 3rd year. Which means, 3 more years until I graduate from college. And when that time comes, I guess, I will be pursuing my Masteral degree in the US. Dad and I are talking about that for almost everyday. He wants me to take up my masteral degree at the University of Austin in Texas, which was really great since my grandma lives in Texas. And I can say, Texas was really a nice place. I mean, the house, the people, the environment and the weather is just amazing.

So I can't possibly know if you have read one of my old posts about my parents trip to the US. Well, they decided to go on a vacation for about a month. They went back to Texas and will be visiting some of our relatives in Chicago and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, my brother was supposed to come with them but classes are about to start few weeks from now, and mom didn't allow him to miss his classes. That's why I'm stuck here babysitting him. But enough for my future plan. I should worry about my plans while dad and mom are still in Texas. 

Okay. I'm done.
Go on. Live your lives.
While I am stuck here at home.
Rambling about my future plan. 

Love, Angel

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