Sunday, August 21

Catching up a little bit.

It's been so long since I last wrote here. My last post was during the first day of this semester and time passed so quickly that it is already midterms week. Few weeks from now, it will be the end of this semeseter and students will come to know if their hardworks paid off. I bet most of students feel the same way I'm feeling right now, PRESSURED. I don't know, but perhaps we are all in the same situation.

All I can say is that every student will encounter difficulties but what we need to learn is how to deal with it. As I am writing this, I was exactly thinking about my own major dilemma as a STUDENT. I am not an A student or a geek or something, just an average happy-go-lucky student who dreams to be an engineer by proffesion. Well, you heard it right. Some peole say that for you to be succesful you have to get good grades, if not straight A's, maybe almost A's is enough. But I honestly disagree on that. I have come to met many succesful people who doesn't have a diploma or not a degree holder but still became succesful. How? Simply because they are well determined to succeed. They didn't quit. They hold on to their dreams no matter how bad the situation is. See, it's not all about getting good grades. Its how you will deal with every situation you are in. I am not saying that we don't need to study hard and just be an average student. I still believe that it is always great to be the best at something. My point is, even an ordinary people can be extraordinary in their own ways if they just believe.

Believe that everything will be okay in the right time.
Believe that God has plans for us.
Believe that we have the power to be the best that we can be.
Believe that nothing is impossible.
Believe on yourself.

With that in mind, everything will follow. Success, understanding, contentment, and happiness. I just want to inspire students like me, that getting bad grades is not the end of the world. There are still hope. We should just trust in ourselves and strive more. If you fail, then strive more. If you fail again, strive more. If nothing happens, strive still. And believe me, everything will pay off. So cheers to all students! Don't be discouraged. Don't be PRESSURED. Enjoy life!

Let's all have a Happy Sunday!

Love, Angel

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