Tuesday, September 13

Living and loving it.

 Have you ever tried to be someone else? Like you started changing, and the old you has gone...? Because I did. An adventure is what I experienced. So lost in another world that I wasn't in reality any longer. I walked inside the reality of mystery and was blinded by it. I put my trust on it and started living it. Until such time that I was about to settle in I felt something strange. Like someone just whispered out of nowhere saying, "My child this is not the world that I want you to live in. This is not the world I have prepared for you.". Silence ran through me. I was dumbfounded. Motionless. The thoughts that ran through my mind added to the guilt I felt inside me. I'm struggling. My heart was pounding. I cried out...my lungs at the top of its voice cry out for help. The next thing I know I was saved. From that moment, I knew it was God. It was HIM who rescued me.

We may be different from one another but we only have ONE God. When I met Him, my life was never been the same again. He changed me. Everything about me began to disappear, like it never existed and it all became all about Him. He is my best friend. I feel his presence right beside me. I may not see him, but I can feel him. That is FAITH. I couldn't possibly imagine how my life would be without him. All I know is that, I am living a new life and loving it at the same time. I love him more than I could ever imagine. 

Dear God, 
I thank you for this day, for giving me another day to live.
 Thank you for your provision and for the unconditional love you have given me. 
You are now my life, in you I gain strength, and I would never ever walk away from you again. 
I'm sorry for having little faith and for worrying about too many things. 
Give me the power to overcome sin. I want you to take charge of my life and let your will be done.
 Love, A.